The Bird Story

I never thought the life of a mutton bird would relate to that of mine.

The fisherman explained “They migrate ‘ere from China. Kids and me, we tried to save a few. Took ‘em down the vet, fed ‘em up. They lasted a couple of months but didn’t make it”.

“Why would they try to fly here all the way from China?” I asked.

“Dunno, they just do - have done for years,” the fisherman explained. “Some make it, some don’t”.

Have you ever felt like a mutton bird? Doing something, maybe for a few years or more, just because it’s what you do and what the people around you do – even though it feels like it doesn’t make sense?

I once had a job like that…so I quit.

The wise fisherman with Trooper

It’s not all dark and gloomy tales of bird death though. Now that I'm not tied to my desk, I get to take photos like this...

Trooper may or may not die from happiness when we live at Werri

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  1. I love this story Timmy and the photos that go with it. I just read this entry to dad and showed him the pictures and he said, "I'm envious of them!"
    It's a great place for you both to continue to grow your talents. We just might have to come and stay occasionally.