To know me, you need to know Kesh.

The night we met, she was wearing Adidas three stripe track pants and Dunlop Volleys. For some reason, I always remember Ugg boots and not Volleys. Kesh remembers it right.

I had seen Kesh before but never like this. She was beautiful, without trying. Every word we spoke together became more significant.

I spent the next four weeks driving up and down the freeway to be with her. And when I wasn't with Kesh, her voice whispered to me down the telephone and into the beginning of new days.

Four weeks after we met, Kesh flew away to the far reaches of Canada.

Kesh would be on the other side of the world for twelve months and almost immediately, I knew I was going to marry her. Life without her didn't feel like it should.

Two months after Kesh sailed back into the country, we were engaged. One morning, before sunrise, we walked across the sand and stood in front of the ocean. Kesh's Nan and Pa's home as our backdrop. I asked the most important question of my life. She said yes and we celebrated with eggs benedict and hot chocolate.

Two months after that, we were married – forever.

You see, if you’re on this page, you have a story too. While it’s important you know mine, it’s just as important that I know yours.

The very talented Jonas Peterson was the man behind the camera for the images you see above.