Ben and Charlotte

Best friends are rare. Best friends who last a lifetime even more so.

The man who married Ben and Charlotte asked me how long I’d been a friend of Ben. ‘From the day he was born’ I replied. ‘I was in the next room as a three month old’. And so it began.

A gentleman and a beautiful girl made the best of days together.

I told Ben and Char I’d try to put together a video of the day. I found myself wanting to take photos and took these in between filming so don’t judge too harshly. Hope you like…

Referencing J. Peterson...

Ben and Charlotte held their reception at The Vaucluse House.


  1. Stunning - just wanted to keep rolling - great moments captured beautifully.

  2. Great photos timmy, i wish i had great photo's like this for my wedding.. good photo of us three boys.

  3. thanks doggy. i wish that i was focusing on taking photos instead of video. i'll have to make sure the video turns out nice, haha.

    was awesome to hang out.

  4. Thanks Tim - photos are pure beautiful artwork - I'll give you your Diploma this year if you like!