Chiang Mai

I never thought I would be the student of a lady boy. But today, I was. And boy, could she cook.

After trekking down from the mountains (we are staying in a proper spa – this ridiculous mountainside retreat for rich folk needing expensive massages), we realised that Chiang Mai is more like Byron Bay than Bangkok.

Kesh saved me from a day without plans and put us into a cooking class. Starting with a tour of legit local markets, backed up by five courses of Thai cooking, we were rolling out of our tutorial past satisfied.

Capped the night off by watching locals float away the bad and hoping for the good. Fire powered lanterns shot off into the sky or banana leaf boats sent down the river. It’s all a part of an annual festival that we were in town for.

Apologies for the overload of photos in this post…

We met this lady in the markets. She really wanted her photo taken.

Our lovely host for the day.

Keshy about to eat her first two meals. Prepared with her own two hands.


  1. Don't apologize for posting lots of pics - they give us a better 'insight' into another part of this world plus let us 'see' what adventures you're both having :)

  2. Tim you really have a great eye for photography. I'm so impressed with your work. Keep it up.

  3. Excellent post! I already add this to all my social bookmarking site!