This morning I had to make a tough decision. Go to a second round interview for a marketing gig with Billabong or don't. I decided not to and let the recruiters know.

Guess that means I really am serious about having my own photog business and doing this thing full time.

Instead of heading to the city for the interview, Kesh and I drove a little further down the South Coast than normal. We finished up in Ulladulla but were weren't feeling it. Too much wind and rain so we back tracked a few minutes to Milton. We found one of the best pie shops ever (The Rainbow Pie Shop). Kesh was in awe of this old building that was fully stocked with pies and lollies.

If you're ever passing through you should check out the antique store on the main road (Turnbull Bros Antiques). Way cheaper than anything in Sydney and just as good, if not better.


  1. We drove past there on our way to Cam and Hannah's wedding and I REALLY wanted to stop but we didnt have time. Also, Im a little bit proud of you for deciding to do something you love AND are good at!
    P.S Im in love with Berry. I told Kurt thats where we're retiring, just incase we dont get to live there before then :)

  2. I told you to consider food photography and look at how amazing you made that pie look!!!