365 Days With Kesh

There was a time when I was too scared to marry Kesh. I was scared that I would let her down, somewhere along the line. I was so fearful that I tried my best to make the worst decision of my life and leave.

Thankfully, Kesh wouldn't let that happen. She spent night after night reassuring me, of me.

When we wake up together tomorrow, it will be the three hundred and sixty fifth time in a row and I could never have imagined what would have unfolded. Only the best things.

I found this girl who loves and lives like nobody I've ever known. This girl who believes in me and my crazy ideas. Believes in them so much that we are living them. Loves me so much that she told me to quit my well paid job and to rent our house out, while we pursue something else. Something that has nothing to do with my degree and something that I'm a complete amateur at.

I found this girl who is beautiful, artistic beyond anything, compassionate, genuine, loyal, supportive and strong.

The best part about marrying her is that now I never have to leave. I never have to go home or be anywhere that she isn't. Now, she's with me. Or, I'm with her. Whichever it is, we are together. Best ever.

Pre-marriage days

Wedding day from heaven (shot from Jonas, of course)

Road trip from Melbourne with our F100

Keshy's 23rd

On our 2nd trip to Tasmania



  1. So beautifuly expressed Timmy. You bring out the best in each other. Just the way it's meant to be.

  2. this is beautiful! Your love for each other overflows! It is simply beautiful! xo

  3. I agree Kay - soooo glad you are both together luv mum x

  4. Woah that was your wedding! I've seen your wedding on blogs, or in a magazine.. not sure where but what I saw I loved. I've always said "man what a cool bride wearing that big bow" Love it.

  5. yep, that was our wedding. you possibly saw it on blogs and in a magazine. we were pretty lucky that people liked it enough to publish it in a few places, which was crazy to us. we planned it out to be really small and didn't think it would attract any attention. kesh is the coolest. i'm glad you think so too.