I met these three boys in two thousand and eight. I would spend as much time with Kesh as I could - until my eyes were stinging and I couldn't stop yawning. Then, I would drive to Jess's house and sleep on the lounge. Jess is Kesh's sister.

Driving back to the Central Coast (where I lived) from Sydney (Kesh lived in the Hills) got old, fast. I started having sleep overs at Jess's place pretty early on. She lived fifteen minutes from Kesh.

Kesh moved to Canada, five weeks after we started dating. She was gone for a year. It was during this time I really got to know the Tucci's - and these three boys. I would drive there after work and we would sit up talking about Kesh and what might be when she got home. Dame (now my brother in law) would mostly fall asleep.

These boys love Werri Beach as much as us...


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