Kesh is half Vinson, half Carden. Kesh’s Mum is the Carden and her Dad the Vinson.

Mum Carden never scared me. She was full of smiles, kind words and cooking so good, you’d swear she wrote a cook book. (Actually, she did).

Dad Vinson was a scary figure in the days I was courting Kesh. I think it’s something that comes with being a Father to (especially) girls. Kesh is the baby girl. And I was dating his baby girl.

I was a twenty-something year old with strange haircuts (plural), an early attempt at a beard and denim seemingly painted on my legs.

Almost three years have past since I first met Dad Vinson. I’m not scared of him anymore, not even a little bit. You see, he’s all front, a huge softie. He loves cuddles, gets emotional and would rather watch The Bill or Heartbeat over anything else.

As a Father-in-law, Dad Vinson is about as good as it can get. The thing that I see now that I didn’t see in the beginning is love. So much of it that my stumbled words could never adequately express it. He and Mum Vinson have a bond so real they could make honeymooners look unhappy, unsure and out-of-love. 

The thing I know about Dad Vinson, more than anything else is that he loves his family. Full stop.

Oh yeah, Dad Vinson is sixty years old, as of Saturday. Just sayin’.


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