General Pants Co.

I used to work for General Pants Co. I like to tell people they are like the Urban Outfitters of Australia - it makes me sound cooler...

I was in the marketing team and worked with some of the most talented people in this country. So talented, in fact, that I was intimidated - even after being there for two years. I lacked confidence and often kept ideas to myself when I should have shared them. The team were super supportive but to me, they were super heroes and I was a mere mortal. Between them they had run and/or started magazines that are so cool that only your cool friends would read them. They forgot better ideas than I had ever thought of (K. West).

Photo shoots were part of the gig and occurred pretty regularly. We shot with models from the most beautiful agencies and photographers who I idolised. I always felt pretty hopeless.

Now though, with a camera in my hand, I don't feel like that. It's a tool that has kinda liberated me and helped me to see that I might just be good at something.

Kesh and I shot down to the beach on a stormy Saturday afternoon. Styled and shot this bad boy in about twenty minutes.


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