Ikea, Baby!

Ikea is something of a pilgrimage.  If you’ve never done it, you will. And if you don’t think you will, your future wife/husband will think differently.

Kesh and me, we love the place. We’ve been there three times but I guess that’s no biggie seeing as we’ve lived in four houses.

It’s kinda like Disneyland for the renovating people or Bunnings for inside folk.

I get more excited over the traditions we have at Ikea, than I do about buying furniture. The dollar hot dogs are a must. I’m pretty sure you can be vegetarian and still eat those things ‘cos they are ninety percent rubber. It doesn’t matter though. Self service tomato sauce and mustard ensures that’s all you taste. We made a new discovery this visit: cinnamon donuts and pizza pockets. Yes, pizza pockets.


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