Whoa, Nelly! Have I been sick. So sick. Like, way more than man flu.

I have been down and out for the last seven days. My little Keshy has been super sick as well. We caught something dark, twisted and nasty from her little brother. We blame him completely and are contemplating gas masks as a means to never contracting this again.

Today, I was able to open my eyes again. I have seriously had issues with light sensitivity. My eyeballs have been excreting tears whenever daylight shines through my lashes. It's kinda been crazy in our little Werri House - blankets covering windows and all the blinds drawn during the day.

Anyway, enough of the sick talk already. Today, Kesh and I woke up feeling about sixty percent, so we pretended we were at full strength and got the hell out of the house. Cabin fever had set in and I could only think of one place I wanted to go...

*And seriously, how does she look this good after being sick for a week?


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