the maxabella family (part one)

I tapped on the door seven times. You know the door knock where you do five quick and two slow, at the end? That's my friendly door knock.

I stepped into what kids dreams are made of - a simple Saturday morning with Mum and Dad. Porridge was bubbling, coffee was brewing, cinnamon scrolls were baking and the sun was peeking through the windows.

Families like this make me love what I do because they love each other. I took so many photos that I have to share this in two separate posts.

There is a story to this family, very well told. You can read all about it here on one of the coolest blogs everrr. And if you want to know what it's like to be on the other side of the lens when I'm around, click here to see how the Maxabella family handled it.

*Just quietly, I've had a few people asking where I'm willing to travel to do family sessions. The short answer is, anywhere in this whole world. Don't let the distance from my home to yours stand in the way. I like to fly.


  1. gorgeous - thanks maxabella and tim for sharing these cant wait to see the next. How on earth do you choose the best of these Bron?

    And I do believe this is the first time I can put a face to a name/blog. Yes? Hello!!

  2. My photo is 'out' in blogland - but who better to show me off than you, Tim. The kids are the most photogenic things on the planet, it is true, but it takes great photographic skill and endless creativity to make me look presentable! Thank goodness you have both in spades.

    Michele is so right - how can we ever choose our faves? And what a great dilemma to have! x