Today, Keshy and me, we met a whole bunch of new people. They were very cool people from a little town called Busselton.

These new people asked me what I do, how I make the moneys and pay the bills.

I take photos y'all.

 And I took these photos when we were back in Fremantle...


  1. ha, I've been following you Tim, since I found your wonderful images on 'thebeetleshack' blog, and thought very briefly of having you come to....Busselton to take some photos of our little family and here you are in this very vicinity! I dismissed this thought, after thinking we're really not that interesting, and 'what about the cost?' and various other excuses I could find...basically I didn't think we (I) weren't that worthy and I felt all self conscious without even having a camera pointing my way...
    Love your photos, looks like you lead a very interesting, rewarding life.

  2. come on now, your from busselton. everyone i met in busso were the best kind of human being: coast dwelling people who have salt air in their veins. beautiful things, full of life. i don't even charge extra to shoot interstate!