I come from marketing but I wouldn't call myself a marketeer. There are a few letters after my name that prove I spent years studying the process of getting a product to a person but I've never put those letters after my name and I probably never will. I never framed my degree and I never put it on a wall or desk.

I fell out with the industry and into photography.

Intentionally, I've left this blog as unestablished as possible. I didn't really want to think too hard about how  to 'brand' myself,  or how to represent me to you. I just figured I'd throw my name at the top of the page and let my images do the introductions. And I still love that philosophy.

Thankfully, I took photos for a very creative family a few months ago. Dan and I decided that some kind of identity was in order but we barely spoke about what direction to take and I'm grateful for that. Instead, Dan decided to brand me based on...me. On our interactions and the time we spent together taking photos.

Kesh and I were filled with smiles when the concepts came through. They were perfect.

Soon, I'll have stamped logos, recycled card CD sleeves and a business card, like a real businessman or something. I hope you like the changes.


  1. I just had a look at the Frost photos for oh, maybe the third time, and they are still so good!! ;-) If only you were in Melbourne! Love the new logo too, looks great, professional, but not to professional either if you know what i mean!

  2. The logo is 'spot on' - nice work lads!

  3. HELLA YEAH!!! awesome tim, and it's true- you really do make life look wonderful! this is very exciting indeed!

  4. Loving the new 'branding' its such beautiful typographic work!

  5. It's a really really great logo and branding Tim. I've been peeking over here since you took Babymacs pics, and now I'm fantasizing about when I start my new life in the country I'll get you tom come visit me too! Your work is lovely. And your new logo is fab. Good luck you professional thing you! *s*