Kesh and I love family. We are from big family families. Most people think we are Catholic, cos you have to be, right? More than five kids...Catholic fo sheezy.
When we first discussed our own family and the ideal number of children, Kesh’s was eight. Hmm.
I’m not sure about eight but I do love the little cubs.
We hung out with the Vinsons this weekend. Kesh is a Vinson – they aren’t just some family we met. We know them, real well.
This beach is called Seven Mile Beach. It’s like seven miles long and you should visit. It's the business.


  1. i grew up with a holiday house in gerringong.
    love love love 7 mile beach.
    love the photos - and the reminders of youthful beach times!!

  2. For the past six or so years we have our family holidays there. I love staying in all the different houses and getting a different aspect. No matter where you are the proximity is great...and so is the traffic. There's virtually none!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous, Shiny Tim. Seven Mile is a place dear to me (my high school friend tried to teach me how to surf there when we were in year 10... can you even imagine!). I've snuck one of the shots to put in the sidebar of my blog - hope you don't mind! x

  4. Love the family. Love the photos. Even love you Timmy. Beautiful work.