In ten minutes it will be midnight...

In the last seven days, Keshy and I will have travelled close to ten thousand kilometres, all in this beautiful country. And we're not done yet. On Saturday, I'll be heading to Adelaide for some family photos.

When I look through these photos, I realise how much I love the little lady in my life. I call her my wingman but I've think I've got it the wrong way round.

Keshy loves life and I love life with Kesh so it's win-win. Any place I go with her, is a good place. Feel free to scroll on through our personal travel photos of the South West of Western Australia.



  1. That food looks AMAZING. Actually, the whole place looks amazing. Great shots - thanks for sharing Tim!

  2. out of all of these beautiful photo's the thing that strikes me (in addition to how stunning your wife is) is that you have a MAGPIES beanie? Who. The. Hell. Are. You?

    those middle ones- so 'The Sartorialist'. new series coming up?

    :) rock out

  3. wow your photos are beautiful.. those coastal ones are so romantic.. could be the set of jane eyre..

    amazing work.. off to look through the rest of your blog now!

  4. haha. the beanie - it's a western suburbs magpies beanie (nrl not afl).