When I lived in Japan, earthquakes were a weekly kinda deal. I would wake up to my little unit shaking, while the bookshelf threatened to fall on me. I only lived there for a short time...

Christchurch was the final place Kesh and I visited in New Zealand. This is how the city feels and rests - even now. We had no idea. We walked into the city to find that it was not safe to enter and had been fenced off, completely.

We walked slowly, our eyes scanning the cityscape with humility and reverence for our life here on earth.


  1. Goosebumps.

    You know, Tim. You can write like the wind as well as capture it!! x

  2. I agree with maxabella! tim, your writing complements your photographs so well.

    i'm trying to come up with an excuse for you to come photograph my little world! ..and i think i might have an idea for something towards the end of the year - will definitely be in touch!


  3. Goodness me. A timely reminder what still goes on after we hear about it. Amazing pictures and a beautiful post Tim x

  4. Your pics capture the sombre mood. I hope they can rebuild soon.

  5. It does not seem that long ago when I visited Christchurch and to see these pictures certainly brought a feeling of sadness. Your pictures certainly captured a somber mood and I really hope that your last capture rings true!