It’s the simple things, always.

Through simple acts, we show our love. And this is how I know Emerson is loved, beyond words.

Walks are taken, food is lovingly prepared, baths are run, bodies are washed and stories are read…
Kisses are placed all over and finally, sleep comes.

Emerson rests, while unknowingly, his parents speak with gratitude for his life in theirs.


  1. Be still my ovaries...they are flipping! Bought back so many memories for me when my girls were babies. Some things are universal hey? You captured it all brilliantly...OF COURSE. Loved them Tim!

  2. ha ha ha i love the above comment! it's true if you don't get clucky on this one i don't know what! you've done it again Tim! this is truly amazing!

  3. oh, hello bare baby bottom! Nothing quite like a nudie baby. This is a lovely story... and i'm diggin' that wall paper!

  4. Whoa! That shot of the mama getting Emerson out of the pram is a killer. His face has so much baby love in it :)

  5. the bare bum - love! It's a beautiful little place that one, visited that reserve near the water many times as a child.

    Hey Tim - you did it again!