I'm not really the guy who freaks out about getting older. Maybe because I'm not that old yet. Yesterday, I turned twenty seven.

Keshy sent emails and made phone calls to family and friends. Mostly, they live three hours away. Earlier this year, we moved away, after I quit my awesome stinky old job in marketing. It's the best move I've ever made. Not because I'm far away (our fuel bill is ginormous) but because we love this place and what it has allowed us to do.

I went from hating what I did to loving it. Professionally, the single best decision I have ever made was to quit my job. And that's what I did, almost a year ago to the day.

Me and Keshy, we're building something special down here. We're making connections with real people and, apparently, they are connecting with us.

Thirty is three years away and, really, I don't care. Without sounding like your life coach, each day has the potential to be awesome. Just make sure you're doing something you're passionate about.

*Photos from my party are limited was my party.


  1. Tim! THE HOUSE! It looks amazing. Looks like you had a grand day. Happy Birthday young man x

  2. Happy Birthday Tim! Looks like a great time was had by all...especially the smalls.


  3. Happy Birthday.... You sound like you have a grand is not here to be endured... Just to be loved and lived x

  4. An inspiring story, Tim. Congrats on taking control of your life :)

    ...and happy birthday of course! x

  5. Happy birthday most fabulous 27 year old. Twenty seven... man, that was so long ago I got nothing to say about it!

    PS - I LOVE the colour of your home. Perfect for your town! x