For something like fifteen years, Clare and I studied together. Infants, Prep, Middle, Senior school, and finally, University. We went on to study the same degree together and graduated proper Marketers. Our friendship is one that I still hold to. No scholar can teach me what Clare's friendship has.

The Earthrowl home was a special place for me.This was the venue of choice for group assignments and the occasional party time. It still is a special place for Clare and her family.

Her Mum and Dad live there.

Two of the most welcoming people you could ever know. And that's exactly how I felt after more than a few years between visits. Welcome.


  1. i love this tim...especially the fact that those booties are the second pair that you have captured. remember the red ones? ;)

  2. Gorgeous as usual!

  3. That little shoot makes me feel fresh & spring like - lovely!

  4. Oh, that old view. Yawn. Seriously- amazing setting, beautiful family (dressed ever so stylishly) and that baby. Perfect little baby.

  5. Great photos Tim.
    And how gorgeous is Clare's Nanna.
    I bet she could tell a good story or two.