Humans are not always the most aware creatures. Often, we are a part of something special and don't realise until after the fact. Generally speaking, this is a category I fall into. Not last night though. I was completely aware of the beauty I was a surrounded by...

Jillian and Alok are truly beautiful, madly in love with each other. 


  1. How fun! Looks like an amazing day - can't wait to see the rest. Seriously, can your job GET any better (yes say that in your best Chandler Bing accent)

  2. I went to school with Jillian and she is the most inspirational and beautiful woman ever! I can only imagine how amazing her wedding was. Beautiful photos Tim! X

  3. Tim you are the ultimate sweetheart and I can't thank you enough for your selflessness, gratitude, enthusiasm and generosity. All of my family noticed something really special about your character...Mum, Alok's parents, our siblings....a few guests even came away telling us there was a sincerity in you that is very rare. We love your work and the role you played in our wedding. Thank you so much for flying up to be with us. I hope we can catch up again more casually down the track and get to know Kesh. We'd love to be good friends with you. Wow. Just amazing, you are. P.S Thanks Han for the gorgeous comment above! xxx