This year, I have been asked to take photos for a few photographers. People who I think are full of talent and ability. It's pretty well known that photographers take photos but are rarely in them.

Lou is a really great photographer. And a really great Mum.

She has an amazing family. Sunny and Scout are two of the coolest kids you will ever meet. They live in this big, old, beautiful home. It's full of the things I love to photograph:

Mums, Dads, kids, family and love.

I was speaking to Lou about the impact it has on me when photographers ask me to take photos for them. For me, it's a really big deal. Like everyone, I have issues of doubt. Doubt about my photos and the technical side of photography. 'Am I as good as this guy, or heck, am I as good as I can be?'.

When I see the images laid out like this though, my worries leave me and I just feel the love. Exposures and f-stops become irrelevant. I think about Lou and Jacob, and Sunny and Scout. I think about them in their home in Sale, with its enormous floorboards. I think about Sunny painting on her easel and the games of hide and seek that really happened - not just because I was there.

I think about family. I think about how soon, this will be Kesh and me. And I think about how soon it won't just be the two of us. Soon, there will be three.


  1. I bet Lou will love could you not?

    Just lovely x

  2. you have captured the beautiful buma's perfectly, love them all xxx

  3. Wow.
    I thought I'd seen my favourite (about 50 times) - until I scrolled a little further.
    Beautiful shots.

  4. I always finish looking at these photos with a happy, smiling sigh. I know I'm probably biased, but I can't get enough of them. Thank you once again for wielding your talents on us!

  5. simply beautiful.

    and again, congratulations to you and Kesh! x

  6. Oh my gosh, Tim! This has been my absolutely favorite that I have seen yet!!! What a perfectly beautiful little family...