We left with cake and a dress... 

I struggle with stereotypes. I've been cast as one my whole life because of my faith. For most people, discovering what I believe doesn't align too well. 'But you have long hair', 'You wear skinny jeans though…', 'You listen to hip hop, I didn't think you were allowed to listen to hip hop', 'How can you work in fashion/marketing/advertising/photography and be a member of that church?'. I've had some doozy's thrown at me.

It's one of my favourite things when you think someone is this and they turn out to be something else.

When Kate contacted me, there was a small link at the bottom of her email. I clicked once and it led me to her blog filled with all things knit, crochet and quilt. Since marrying Kesh, I've been educated on more than a few things: 

- Chicken schnitzel with sweet chilli sauce is no longer my favourite dinner
- Some days the world isn't the same colour it usually is
- Country towns are cool
- The Beatles really were that good
- Handmade things are the best

Kate is not the stereotypical Mum who knits and makes quilts. I love that. And I love that I honestly think someone who can do those things is awesome, talented and patient. The more I think about it, the more I realise stereotypes are lame. You can't generalise a Mum, or a family, or anyone. And if you do, it's your loss.

The Dixon Family and I, we connected. Long after I put my cameras down, we sat around their kitchen table and spoke about the things we were passionate about, our possibilities for the future. Somewhere mid-speech about all those things we love, I remembered Kesh was waiting in the car. I called her and Kate welcomed her into her home.

We left with cake and (Kesh) with a dress. Kate's generous like that. You will love her, and her family. We did.


  1. Oh...thank you Tim.

    We just loved everything about Saturday afternoon..

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and Kesh and you already know how thrilled I am with the photos.

    x Kate

  2. they are the most beautiful photos of such an awesome family. good job mr coulson.

  3. Just superb Tim.

    So beautiful to have this time in their lives documented so wonderfully.

    I LOVE the shot of Alfie through the fly wire.

  4. Oh I love the family walking past the side of the house shot! I love them all, really, but that is my fave! Ah-may-zink! (And what beautiful EYES you have, Ms Kate!) x

  5. stunning pics. Captures family life so beautifully and love them all! especially the pics of walking down to the shops. Treasured forever I am sure


  6. STUNNING in it's everydayness.
    L O V E

  7. Great shots, my fav is Kate peeking from under J's chin.

    Beautifully captured moments at Casa Dixon.

  8. wow. gorgeous, gorgeous photos of your gorgeous family, kate. well done, tim - a beautiful assemblage of images.

  9. beautiful. The photo of the father's feet is my absolute favourite. It's just something you always want to remember--your dad's feet--and rarely have a photo of. Glad to have stumbled onto your blog.

  10. Super duper in every respect guys. Great images for now and forever!

  11. As another faith toting skinny jean wearing creative, your words strike a cord. Thank you! Beautiful images too!

  12. I can completely relate to what you said about faith...just add being a pastors kid and you get all sorts of sterotypes. These photos Tim are delightful!

  13. Wow! Such a wonderfully captured moment in time. I love them all but that one of Kate peaking out from under Jason's chin is divine.