For the shortest time, mid ceremony, Heidi and Will stood still together. Their hands touching, holding fingertips, eyes closed. They both smiled and took a breath. A few metres away, I stood and observed their tangible love. There was a joy inside them, and inside everyone there.

That's what happens when people who are meant to be together, commit to be so.


  1. Beautiful work Tim. Love the bw single shot of the bride. :)

  2. Gorgeous as ever Tim.

    Heidi if you stop by to read this, you are the most beautiful bride and your gown is truly, truly special.

    I love the choice of flowers and tasseled balloons and the image of the newlyweds dancing in the courtyard at the end is my favourite of all these glorious captures.

    Happy day!

  3. Gosh I wish we'd known each other 4 years ago when I got married!! What beautiful photos and memories. Just gorgeous Tim.

    And must agree, your dress is just beautiful Heidi, you look stunning!

  4. Tim, thank you for the lovely post, and, once again, for your beautiful work. And thanks Felicity and Lisa for such nice comments. It was a very special day!