I'm not sure how long you have followed along with me here. Maybe a week, or maybe a year. Whichever it is, I'm grateful.

I used to post about Kesh a lot. For the first seven or eight months of this blog, Keshy was my muse and most photographed. She was the reason I picked up the camera and she is the one who helped me develop into the photographer I am. She instilled in me the belief that I didn't have to do something I hated for the rest of my life. That there was a reality in being able to support our family through doing something I love.

It's been around five months since Kesh and I officially setup our business. We have been to Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and all over New South Wales since then. We were blessed to be able to shoot in New Zealand back in August as well. I find it humbling that you have connected with what we do so much that I have been able to travel those distances to be with you. It seriously blows my mind.

And now, Keshy is pregnant. Twelve or thirteen weeks depending on whose dating method you believe. The Doctor or the lady who did our first ultrasound?

I really want to document Keshy through her pregnancy.

I took these photos of my wife today. I spotted a side street and we pulled in. We found a paddock, palm trees and mountains. Kesh let me take her picture for about three minutes at which point she said to me 'I would be the worst model. It's too hot and I'm bored of this already'.

She is the best ever. I love her.


  1. Stunning on all counts, Kesh is a serious show stopper.

    You guys are both so very lucky.


  2. your Keshy is so absolutely stunning Tim!!!! love these!!!!

  3. this is going to be the most wonderful of wonderful pregnancy journeys.

    hooray for the belly x

  4. haha. i like this woman already. looking forward to seeing the pregnancy shots. love your work tim!

  5. she's electric, she's got a family full of eccentrics.

    i'm excited to watch this journey unfold and i'm hoping that baby gets Kesh's lips, they are indeed juicy!


  6. oh Kesh you are adorable! Tthere's something very Regina Spektor about you.. I love it! x

  7. You know, she kind of looks like Kate Winslet sometimes... really beautiful little wife you've got yo :)