This was the year we decided to change.

I spent 2010 trying to make things work in my marketing career. I left a job I loved to take a position I thought would be greater. It wasn't.

I found myself in the worst place, professionally, I've ever been. What made it worse was that I knew it as soon as I came home from my first day. Pretty soon, it wasn't just my professional life that was suffering.

Sunday afternoons became my least favourite part of the week - I knew I'd be back there on Monday.

I quit my job. Mortgage, new marriage and all.

Kesh and me, we filled our blackboard wall with every single career option we could think of. Only one of them stuck out.

We packed up our new house, knowing we'd have to sell it. We boxed our lives and moved South. Far away from the City and far away from my career in marketing. I wasn't running though - I was starting something.

It took the first six months of this year to realise that all I had to do to make this happen was to do it. So, I did. I dropped out of the courses I'd enrolled in, took my camera everywhere and blogged it.

In six months I've shot with thirty of the most beautiful families ever. In six months, I've shot ten weddings. In six months we've shot in almost every state in Australia, as well as a family session in New Zealand.

For all I this, I am grateful. I am humbled, deeply. It blows my mind every time I head to a shoot, knowing that this is what I get to do now.

I think back to my cubicle days and I give thanks for them. If it hadn't been that dark, I wouldn't be here.

And I love being here.

Next year, my focus will shift. Families are the most beautiful social unit in the world and I will continue to photograph them, just not quite so much. We will be taking on less family bookings in 2012 to allow me to focus on wedding photography. If you've been considering booking me for your family, I would recommend expressing your interest early.

Much love and gratitude,


  1. WOW! If you could do all that in just a year I for one am excited to see what you can do with your camera for the rest of your life! Incredible work, congratulations Tim, you deserve it.
    Dale Tidy

  2. Pretty cool job, huh? You'll make it, my friend, you know what it takes.

  3. Now even more excited that I got in & booked my family session! Can't wait to see what you come up with Tim, your work is beautiful!

  4. You have some insane talent mr coulson, can't wait to see what 2012 brings. Rock on.

  5. Takes a lot to follow your dreams... I think 2011 will always be special for you and Kesh.

    Big and bright things ahead.


  6. Power to you Tim - it's been an inspiring 6 months.

  7. Wow.

    Congratulations. What a year you have had.

    I'd love to book a session for next year.

    Happy holidays!


  8. Tim I will always remember how I found you and all because I'm searching for 'magnolia trees'. It lead me to Jodi and then to you. I will always so ever grateful that you took our family portrait. I believe if 2012 is a person he/she is doing the happiest dance ever because he/she cannot wait to see you! If you can do this all in 6 months then heck things can only get better from here. Amazing amazing 2011 for you and Kesh indeed. See you in 2012.

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. That last photo is unreal. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful moment captured so perfectly.

    Good on you Tim. You're amazing.

    Merry, merry Christmas to you and mesh xxx

  10. Tim,
    We were a tiny part of your year.
    You and Kesh were a HUGE part of ours.
    We are so grateful to you .

  11. What an inspiring story, I hope one day I can take the leap you have, beautiful images, I'd book you if I could! Good luck for the new year and step to more weddings.

  12. so exciting to hear when the Lord provides through a leap of faith. hope 2012 is even more amazing for you. xo

  13. I found your work this year, and am so inspired to hear that this is all the result of taking a risk. good on you.

  14. Tim, you really, REALLY, inspires me.

  15. I feel SO lucky that we got to be a part of this. What a year Tim. I hope you feel proud of all of you have done. You've worked SO hard, you have created precious memories for so many people that they will cherish forever. A better job I can't think of. And someone better to deserve it? I don't know ONE. Well done and Merry Christmas to you & Kesh. Somehow, I think 2012 is going to be even better for you x

  16. Your work is humbling in so many ways. I cannot wait to see all that is next.

  17. You're going to tear up wedding photography. Tear the shit out of it in fact. If your rise hasn't already started, it will.

  18. We feel so very lucky that you were there to capture two of the most precious times in our lives. Photos that capture so much emotion. Priceless.

    The wedding industry will be better because you're in it.

    Blessings Tim & Kesh for 2012 - it will change you forever.

  19. I'm super happy for you and Kesh, to have the guts to make a big change, and then to make it stick. Love your work.

  20. Your photos are always amazing, but seeing them all together like that makes me want to cry! You are SO good at what you do!

  21. What an amazing and inspirational journey you've had so far, we feel blessed to have met you. Can't wait to watch 2012 unfold for you.

  22. All that amazingness AND you made a bubba. I cannot believe that all of that happened in one year. Is it possible to say that 2011 is your new lucky number???

    Thank you for letting us be a part of your dream, Tim. You were certainly a part of ours. x

  23. It's seriously been cool watching your journey from the (sort of) start- said it before but its such a mad saying that I'll say it again: Leaps and bounds! You in verb form.
    If you build it, they will come. You built it, and they came.
    Congratulations on absolutely everything.
    Merry Christmas famuz d00d.

    Also, the capcha word they're making me type on this is 'swips'. And that is cool.

    PO (peace out).

  24. Congratulations on such a wonderful year... and best wishes for your new direction. Having you come to visit us in January is suddenly even more precious. I can't wait.

    Happy Christmas to you and Kesh... 2012 is going to be the year that changes you even more... and in the very best of ways.

    Claire x

  25. You must make the Choice to take the Chance if you want anything to Change and that takes Courage.. you and Kesh have that one down pat and we are so chuffed we got to have you visit.

    We will see you again I know that, I couldn't bear not too but I will maybe have to give you more than a weeks notice this time :)

    Happy New Year to you both and bump.. 2012 is gonna rock your world and well as you will many others xx

  26. wow! your photography is something pretty amazing. beautiful, beautiful shots. inspirational story. congratulations on being brave and making a change. life is change :)

  27. You were a massive part of our year and we feel so blessed and lucky to have been photographed by the master himself... Your talent and your art for capturing people is inspiring, humbling, raw, refreshing and all-encompassing love.

    Best of all you're a wonderful person with a beautiful soul, matched only by that lovely wife of yours.

    You deserve everything magnificent that is coming your way in 2012. This year was just the tip of the iceberg...

    Heartfelt thanks and love,

    The Whinnen Family

  28. Hello Tim,
    Thank you for your words.

    I would liked that you photographs our family even more because the baby arrive in April.
    But we live in Portugal (Europe) ... well, I leave this suggestion hoping that we meet onde day.
    Votes of success and a excelente 2012


  29. wow tim, that is one hell of a year. thank goodness I got in quick! goosebumps reading and scrolling.. it must be so clear for you now that there really was no other avenue for you to head down. you have a gift. CANNOT wait till feb x

  30. I came across your blog today. So inspired, especially by this post. I love hearing the stories of the beginnings of great photographers... It's like a risky little miracle that you hope for and when it is realized you look back and think, "wow."