Nerves are a good thing. You just have to keep them in check.

It's normal for me to be nervous on the way to a shoot. If it's a long drive (it almost always is), there will be toilet stops. Multiple.

My mouth gets dry. I drink water. And we stop.

Kesh is used to it now.

Weddings, they still get me. It's such an important day. For everyone.

The last few family sessions I've shot, I haven't had the nerves so much. Basically none. I guess I've gained some confidence this year. I've spent a huge amount of time in other people's homes, exploring the day with them and their special little ones.

The night before my shoot with the Latter Family, Kesh pointed out to me that there wouldn't be any children at this shoot. Hmm.

I got nervous.

Long after our shoot had finished, I sat on the front lawn with all the Latter ladies. We spoke about Tiff's wedding next year, which I'll be shooting. We spoke about Kesh, our baby and dating the one you have to date to find the real one. I listened to stories of this beautiful family and their lives together. I think it was there on the lawn that I realised the nerves left long ago, within seconds of walking through the door.

It's the connections we make that enable us to be ourselves, even when we've only just met. Especially when we've only just met.


  1. This is REALLY cool. I know what you mean about getting nervous if there are no kids around...maybe I'm just used to kids, but they really seem to break the ice, huh?

    Well, no issue here - this set is really, really beautiful.

  2. Wonderful. Beautiful. Love everything you do.

  3. You? Nervous? Never ever would have picked it. Ever.
    These photos and this entry are real nice.

  4. Seriously beautiful. I love how genuine your photos are. The stories come through.

  5. Oh at my local beach and everything, I spent you HSC days sun baking in that very spot. I LOVE this shoot Tim. Magical light and FABULOUS tea cups (and beautiful ladies).