Hi, this is Kesh. The wife of the man behind the lens. Lovely to meet you.

Timmy has given me the keyboard for this little post of pictures of a family that I love. The people below are Em, Zok and little Hugo.

Em and I have been friends for... 13 years. Woah. Crazy looking back on how we have changed from little girls to mum's(to-be).

There is always something so special that happens when Timmy takes photos of people that I know and  love. I looove that you can see a bit of what I know - how awesome these people are, the big love they have for each other, how beautiful they are, that they love being parents and that Hugo is one blessed kid.

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  1. Wow, what precious photos. Thanks for words Kesh and for sharing these wonderful images of your friends!
    Ronnie xo