We didn't have a standard weekend.

I always work on Saturdays. It's the one day where I am definitely not at home. I'm off somewhere in the world, shooting.

Saturday we were heading up to Sydney when I noticed a noise coming from our car. We'd just had the thing serviced, so I wasn't loving life. I have an acute awareness of small things. It's a blessing and, rarely, a curse. Kesh has come to know this very well. The noise our car was making was so small, Kesh couldn't even hear it. But it grew. Louder and louder.

I made it to my shoot, right on time and with the car limping its way.

Kesh had planned to use the time I was shooting to prepare two big assignments she had for church the next day. Instead, she spent the next four hours on the phone, organising tow trucks, rental cars and the rest of our day (we were heading to the Central Coast for dinner with my family).

I finished shooting and Kesh filled me in. She would wait for the tow truck, while I caught a cab to the airport to pick up our rental car. The timing would be perfect.

Only thing is, the timing wasn't perfect. The car rental place wasn't communicating with our insurance company and were trying to charge me a bazillion dollars for something that was meant to be free.

By the time I made it back to Kesh, I saw something that made me happy and sad all at the same time. My beautiful wife, twenty six weeks pregnant, was standing on the side of the road, her arms full of our possessions - the things we'd left in the car and would need for our trip. She smiled and laughed when she got in our car. Her only complaint, that she was busting to go to the toilet.

We headed up the Coast for dinner and then all the way back down it. We slid into bed around midnight. When the alarm went off the next morning, it was like death. Kesh had set it extra early so that she could be ready to go for church. I literally knocked my bed side table over trying to silence our room.

Finally, I woke up (thanks for the phone call, Mum, haha) and started getting ready with Kesh. With the hair straightener in her hand, we both heard an enormous zap, followed by smoke and a big black mark on Kesh's hand. She was shaken but doing ok (baby is ok, too). Our house, on the other hand, was without electricity.

On the way to church, I realised that I'd forgotten to organise something crucial for the day. I dropped Kesh off and headed a little further down the Coast to grab it. It was on this drive, alone in the car, that I started thinking. I had this song playing.

I thought about Kesh giving birth. About me being there with her and the experience that will be. I thought about our child being born, coming into this world, having chosen to be with us. I thought about holding a life we created, in my arms. I thought about my wife, standing on the side of the road by herself, her arms heavy. And she stood there, happily waiting for me to return. I thought about my family and Kesh's, seeing this baby for the first time. I saw my Dad, holding our baby in his arms, his eyes blinking as they fill with tears.

It was the most beautiful drive I've ever taken. And if I had to go through what felt like a terrible weekend to have that experience, I'm ok with that.

Kesh will have a video and more images on her blog a little later.

Kesh wears Floral Double Layered Full Length Skirt by American Apparel


  1. I think I say this everytime, but it's always true. Favorite of all the weeks you've done so far. And even more beautiful because of your words. So excited for you guys. x

  2. beautiful. imagery + words. all of it. :)

  3. Not your best weekend ever, and yet...

    I was kinda hoping the Kesh photos this week were going to be of the roadside with all the gear. What a sight that must have been. She's such a trouper, your girl. I really want to meet her more than ever now,


  4. The unespected moments of life are usually the most beautiful ones =)

  5. You're such a sweet heart - so much anticipation. love your music link.

  6. You look fabulous! Love the weekly belly pics. :)