It's kinda funny. Kesh and I have spoken about this more than once...

When I write here, on this blog, I sound a certain way. And I most certainly am that way - just not all the time. It's almost always late at night when I sit down to write. The sky is dark, and the world is settling in. I'm considered. I slow down. And then what's in my heart comes out.

I am loud, impatient and not hardly as romantic as I might sound sometimes.

It's for this reason that I'm so grateful I dedicate a small amount of time each week to be that considered guy. It's this time, late on a Sunday night while the rain cleanses the world and bangs on my tin roof, I look forward to most.

Truth be told, I haven't taken photos with Kesh yet. I want to be here though - sitting next to her. Just thinking about the time we've spent together.

Yesterday, I headed up to Sydney for a wedding. The night before and even the morning of, I was thinking of excuses for Kesh to come, to travel with me and hold an umbrella, even though I knew I wouldn't need it.

It's when I'm not with Kesh I realise just how often we are together. And it's then I realise I like it best when she's there. It's simple.

Fourteen hours after I left, I walked through the front door, greeted my faithful hound and laid on the bed, next to my sleeping wife. I held her arm and put my head close to hers. I love her.

And that's how I feel all the time.

*I had big ambitions to document Kesh for a full day. It worked until she left at midday for a lunch date :)

Kesh wears: Stripe A Line Maxi Dress in Natural Heather Grey Stripe, Rib Nylon Spandex Legging in Royal Blue and Reversibly Easy Sweater in Rogue Boucle by American Apparel.


  1. Oh My Gosh 30 weeks !! Not Long Now :) So many beautiful photos here Tim, but you guys are just that. Beautiful x

  2. do you guys sit together at that that.

    ps. we stopped by the cafe at st. andrews over the weekend and when we pulled up quinn said, "is tim here?".

  3. i love the minimalist bedroom and scones baking. but most of all i love your declaration of love all the time. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. beautiful.. I'm a lucky girl too and get to spend all my time with my boy.. I know some people can't do it - they need that space and independence - but for us it works.. And it's always nice to know others out there are the same.

    soon they'll be 3 + the hound.. such exciting times - you seem like the happiest couple and such beautiful people so the new edition is one lucky bundle!

    also scones - good choice!

  5. this little bit of the everyday is beautiful. and those scones look delicious. :)

  6. Amazing them...

  7. Probably the only chick who can look great in spandex wonder you love her :-)

  8. you guys even make hanging out the laundry look dreamy!
    love this series~

  9. we have the same bike!!.. wish me 'n' kesh had more of a sameness with our pregnancies.. she makes it look effortless x

  10. LOVE. Happy 3rd trimester, Keshy. You're on the home stretch baby! xx

  11. Oh, how these photos (and your words) made me smile!

  12. Beautiful & real. I really feel what you are saying too. My hubby Pete & I shoot all our sessions together & I love that we get to spend all that time together, it doesn't feel like work that way.

  13. Gorgeous, so sweet. Love the photo of Kesh in the bathroom so intimate yet so full of life and so natural. Kesh looks like the sort of person who does not need to put so much effort in things but turns out so fresh and she seems very calm from your photo, a mother in the making!

  14. Kesh's bum looks awesome in the last picture! Great job Tim.


    Bree Pownall