I'm about to sound like an old man...

All of a sudden, this pregnancy is going too fast. We are at thirty one weeks today. That means there are only nine weeks left.

Last night, one of my friends drove down to see us with his girlfriend. They are young, happy and beautiful. I saw the joy our baby is already bringing into people's lives. Peta sat on the lounge next to Kesh for what must have been close to an hour - her hand patiently resting so closely to our baby.

And then it kicked her and rolled around. Big, strong and undeniable. Peta was filled with happiness, and me too, of course.

A not so subtle reminder that this baby is growing. With every single day, coming closer to us.

Kesh wears Accordion Pleat Pant in Almondine and Modal Shawl Cardigan in Natural Cotton Boucle by American Apparel


  1. I love her face in that first one. So serene and reflective. Beautiful set, as usual. So excited for you both. You're going to make some awesome parents. :)

  2. Enjoy these 9 weeks. They are so precious. Your lives will never be the same again.

    Kesh looks peaceful and happy. Pregnancy definitely suits you both!