Kesh is really pregnant now. I mean, she always was but now she is properly pregnant. Old men and little girls have been telling us.

As our baby grows, Kesh has been finding her own ways to ease the burden of a growing belly. Right now, her favourite thing is to swim in the ocean. The beach is a little rough but the ocean pools are perfect. We've been every day this week. I can see the way it relaxes and calms Kesh. The swelling in her ankles goes down and her body temperature returns to something closer to normal.

We love the water and have talked about heading down to one of the pools during early labour to help Kesh through the initial stages.

As we left the pool a few days back, an elderly gentleman arrived. Removing his shirt, he grinned and informed us that he'd heard of these water births and if that's what we were there for, he wasn't getting in.

We assured him we were just there to swim. In a few weeks though, who knows :)

Kesh wears Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Dress by American Apparel.


  1. Ha, that's a pretty awesome old man! I went for a swim today and was reminded how much i love an ocean swim at this time of year. Hope you're having a great Easter!

  2. Real, proper, bountifully pregnant. Water soothes all during labour, so yiur idea is a good one.

    We were in your home town today, having a wander on our way down south. I told the kids, "Tim lives here" and the immediately knew who I was talking about. Not bad nearly two years on... You obviously made an impression!


    1. You should have let me know you were coming down. And it was only last year. Can you believe that. Ten months or something.

  3. lots of swelling is usually followed by a baby girl...just saying.

  4. kesh is really pregnant now. I love that. and why yes she is! and beautifully so. the count down - how exciting for you guys x

  5. this is such a beautiful, special, exciting stage! only a few more weeks now. :)

  6. Hasn't the full moon been amazing? I love seeing Kesh's belly (hope that's not weird). Yup, not long now....
    Ronnie xo

  7. I love how the full, round moon echoes Kesh's full, round belly! xx

  8. What a beautiful blooming belly & woman. There is nothing like the feeling of weightlessness water brings, in pregnancy and in labour.


  9. Super special photos... Kesh, you look STUNNING x

  10. I think these are some of the most beautiful photos of her pregnant yet.

  11. It's almost time! So serene and peaceful, take the time to enjoy these moments together. You will both be amazing parents! I cannot wait to see your beautiful new bundle of joy. :) x

  12. Oh if i could have somebody love me the way you love her. alas, i don't think it is too be.

    i am so thrilled for you. your love inspires me. your family is beautiful. your wife is stunning. your photography is breathtaking. i can't wait to see the pictures of your little one.

    thank you for letting perfect strangers share in your life.