The thing that defines me, like you, is my family. I am the person I am because of my Mum, Dad, brother and sisters.

Growing up, I was known as the guy with the beautiful sisters. I have older and younger twin sisters, who taught me a lot about women, for which I'm super grateful.

There's someone though, who I haven't written a lot about on my blog. That's my brother. I was in year five when he moved to South Australia. Two years later he moved to outback Queensland and a few years after that to country Victoria, before finally settling in Newcastle. He was chasing his own dream in the radio industry. He made it when he settled in Brisbane and had a prime time position with B105. It turned out for my brother that the view from the top wasn't what he'd dreamed of.

He married and had a baby girl. And another baby girl, and another, and another, and another. Seriously, five baby girls. Pretty soon, he realised that his career in radio had equipped him with the skills he needed to communicate with celebrities on a daily basis but not his children.

So, like me, or me like him, he quit his job to pursue something he felt passionately for.

It turns out that all this time I thought my brother was just my brother...and he's actually a genius. At almost thirty, he went back to TAFE, before being accepted into a Bachelor of Psychology. He then completed his honours, before receiving a scholarship to complete his PhD in parenting and the way we see our role as a parent and the how this impacts our happiness and our children's happiness.

My brother is a Doctor now. I always joked with him that I would never call him a Doctor. He's earned it though and he deserves that title.

I'm proud of my brother. It takes a brave man with a family the size of his, at the pinnacle of his career, to walk away from the security of an income and employment to try and make his family's life better. I know he has. His beautiful girls are a testament of that.

It hasn't ended there for my brother though. He signed a book deal and his first publication has just been released. During a meeting with his publisher, the issue of a cover image came up.

'You're not related to Tim Coulson, are you?'

He laughed and told them that I was his little brother. In this crazy online space, apparently his publishing team knew my work and loved the idea of one of my images being on the cover. A few emails later and it was, courtesy of Stacey Clark :)

The ultimate collaboration.

Like I said, my brother is a genius. He completed a degree in psychology, with honours, and a PhD with five girls under twelve and the most supportive wife in Kylie. His book is called What Your Child Needs From You - Creating A Connected Family.

If you're a parent, you should buy his book. It might just change your life.


  1. What a touching story, so cool he used one of your pics for his book!

  2. I have been hanging out to grab a copy. Can't wait to read it. Bravo brothers Coulson!

  3. Inspirational story. I like the cover image Tim & just the title has me interested to read this book. I love the book 'how to really love your child'. I would love to read Justins book also. Awesome that you got to contribute your own passionate work to your brothers.

  4. It's really interesting to hear "my" story through your eyes Tim. Thanks for sharing this.

    I know you've mentioned it, but can I just mention that if anyone wants to buy the book they can visit happyfamilies.com.au and get it there by clicking on the "buy the book" link, or they can visit acer.edu.au and buy it there, and as of this week it's going to be in most Dymocks and other good bookstores - and if it's not, you can ask for it and they'll get it!

    Love you brother.

  5. Very well written Tim and congrats to Justin what an achievement . I will definitely buy his book .

  6. I always judge a book by it's cover.... SOLD! x

  7. I remember you telling us about your brother when you came to my family.

    As someone studying part time, it is really inspiring to hear that Justin has completed what he set out to achieve.


  8. Ha...I have read bit and pieces about your brother and I always wondered if he was related to Tim Coulson...and now I know!
    And I will definitely check out the book!

  9. So awesome! What an honour to be on the cover of such a great read! Really love the book...I was really confronted in the first chapter about my relationship with my eldest daughter. Brilliant! Well done to the Coulson boys..your mama must be proud! x

  10. Beautiful, respectful and eloquent words... as always Tim. Thanks for the hot tip. Excited to have a new addition to my parenting library x

  11. Lovely words as always Tim...quite frankly if you ever gave up photography you could make money with your words...but I digress...what an inspirational story! I love it, and as a pysch trained, parenting counsellor myself (but with two not five children), I would love to get my hands on a copy of that book! it's a facinating field to work in and I love talking with parents and helping them through their struggles with coping with this enormous job that it makes me proud to hear stories like Justin and the path he took!

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