You probably didn't know this but there's a standard genre of music that wedding photographers listen to. Most of us edit images and tap out blog posts while listening to Bon Iver, Sigur Rós, M83 and other amazingly talented musicians. While I love all kinds of music and regularly listen to each of those artists, my musical foundations lie far, far away.

Seconds after I walked through Claire's door on her wedding day, she handed me a CD and told me this is what she wanted played in my car, while we drove from location to location during the portraits. Here's the playlist:

1. This is how we do it - Montell Jordan
2. No diggity - Blackstreet
3. Shoop - Salt-N-Pepa
4. Beautiful - Snoop Dog feat. Pharrell
5. Trick me - Kelis
6. Return of the Mack - Mark Morrisson
7. Hey Mr. D.J. - Zhané
8. Get busy - Sean Paul
9. One thing - Amerie
10. You can do it - Ms. Toi and Ice Cube feat. Mack 10
11. Holiday - Naughty By Nature
12. Too close - Next
13. Touch it - Monifah
14. No scrubs - TLC

And even though I'm listening to Vampire Weekend as I type - Claire's playlist, aptly titled 'Gangsta Cruisin', couldn't have been closer to my heart. You see, at the age of 11, I requested 2Pac and Dr. Dre's Runnin for the year 6 formal. I was listening to Rap and Hip Hop, while my friends were listening to S Club 7 (no disrespect because we all know there ain't no party like an S Club party).

We already knew we had a lot in common and Kesh and Claire had become amazing friends through emailing, facebooking and yep, we even met in real life. Roo was born on Claire's birthday, which she was super excited about. Claire shared words of love and support when we put Troop down (Gus, Claire's bulldog features heavily in the images below), when we were broken into and when she felt like we needed some happiness. And that's what Claire's always given us - happiness.

I realised that's what Claire does for everyone.

The day Claire married Paul, I saw that happiness in each of them. During her speech, when Claire announced to all her family and friends that they are having a baby, her happiness was inexplainable. I just don't have the words in me.

Claire and Paul - we are so happy that you guys got married are going to be parents. I know you will raise very happy humans who do so much good in this world.


  1. what a beautiful wedding. lovely job, tim.

  2. wow wow. these are so beautiful tim, I can feel the love through the photos. and the jam! brilliant. x

  3. There's a gorgeous honesty and freedom in these photos. Beautiful.

  4. Such beautiful photos that tell a beautiful story as always Tim.

  5. What a great wedding... Looking at these make you wish you were invited. Fun! Gorgeous bride...pregnancy glow and that dress,wow! Great job Tim.

  6. so gorgeous! i love the authenticity of these.

  7. Stunning as always, Tim. The way you tell the story of the whole day is just magical.
    Ronnie xo

  8. beautiful. i'm forever amazed by your style of photography and how you always hold true to it.

  9. Gangsta couple + chocolate cake + Scrabble + Tim = awesome. I hope they got Claire's speech on video, that would be the best :)

  10. You capture love in all it's magical, subtle nuances! These photos will be treasured for many, many lifetimes. :) x

  11. Claire has verrry good taste in music. Love the joy and beauty you have captured in all of these photos Tim!

  12. oh those photos in amoungst the trees! wow you must have loved that symmetry! and the music...well, a bit of gangsta rap always gets me in a good mood! lovely photos as always Tim.

  13. This is beautiful. It feels so real, and how I think a wedding should be, once all the fuss is stripped away. And Claire made brownies on her wedding day? That's even more amazing.

  14. lovely! their affection is palpable :) x

  15. Oh my goodness, I think this is the most playful wedding you've shot!

    I was laughing out loud from reading your caption and the joy, hilarity, and fun didn't stop until the images did.


    xo em