Jodi and her family were one of the first I ever shot with. We all connected straight away and have worked together in so many ways ever since.

I'm really happy to announce that we will be workshopping together in 2013.

Together we will share what we know about photography and writing; how we document experiences, the importance of intuition and the technical aspects involved.

We'll spend the day chatting about the following:

Recording the experience - why and how I shoot (why I almost never orchestrate my subjects) as well as some tips for shooting on manual.

Emotional shooting - how to connect with your subject and get amazing photos in return.

Gathering inspiration and observing moments - why Jodi loves writing and her note taking process.

Threading words together - how to engage the reader, share your thoughts and eloquently express ideas.

The experience - a live shoot using your new-found photography and writing knowledge - find the story and document your experience.

Theory - how and why we choose specific shots, creating a sequential story and writing to bring it all together.

Q&A - we're happy to answer all of your questions (about photography, writing and blogging).

The Details: 

This is a workshop for people passionate about documenting their everyday; those who want to improve and broaden their photography and writing skills.

The workshops will be held in Sydney (location to be confirmed) on the following days:

Friday, 3rd May 2013
Friday, 26th July 2013

We'll meet up at 9am and work together till 6pm. A decadent lunch and afternoon tea will be provided, as well as drinks and pick-me-up snacks.

To reserve your spot email Jodi -


  1. Have already emailed Jodi! Sounds awesome!! Hope all is lovely in your little slice of the world. :)

  2. I so want to do this....especially as I left the idea about it on her blog

  3. Count me in if you come to Noosa again, do it, do can you not love Noosa:)

  4. This is why I need to live in Australia!

  5. Oh I was thrilled for your both when I read this on Jodi's blog. I love the idea of adding Jodi's writing expertise! The Nursery was amazing, so this would be incredible! well done guys x

  6. Let me know if you guys ever decide to take this whole shebang on the road and come back to Tassie! :)