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I like to tease Kesh about growing up in the country and far from the beaches. She didn't really. The Hills district in Sydney is less than an hour to the ocean but to me, that feels like forever.

I grew up in four or five houses, all within minutes of the beaches on the Central Coast of NSW.

In the time Kesh and I have been married, we've already bought and sold twice and are in our third home now. All of them close by the sea.

She's a beautiful creature - the deep blue. She's pulled Kesh and Roo hard and her touch is something we all feel better for. It's something we all crave. And while Nice isn't really my kinda place (a few too many humans and buildings for my ideal spot), the call of the blue was loud. The two weeks without immersing our bodies and getting our fill felt like forever.

We took the lazy option and ate Big Mac's on the promenade, before gingerly stepping across the rocky shore. She was fresh but I didn't mind and Roo sure didn't, either. He was just happy to be somewhere familiar.


We woke at midnight with the neighbours above our 5th floor apartment in Canal Saint-Martin, Paris. Roo stirred with their noises and movements and then settled a few minutes later. 4am came and my alarm with it. We headed down the ninety two (I counted) stairs to the street and waited for our taxi to the airport.

Groups of people were heading home from a long night out. It felt different to how it does at home though. The air was warm, and the city felt kind. The groups passed Kesh and one directed the other to not speak loudly because of Roo in her arms.

I'd been warned that France and Parisian's wouldn't be friendly. In almost every situation, we found the opposite was true.

I want to speak the language though. When I come back, it will be with basic French under my belt. I've never felt as useless as I have (despite the kindness) when trying to explain myself without words.

My digital gear has barely left its bag. I've been favouring film on this trip - it feels different. I shoot once, instead of three or four times. I see the shot and shoot it. It's done and I love that. Here are a few digital frames that I did shoot.


Kesh was scared of flying before she met me. Then, we flew a whole bunch and the fear left. Today, it came back though. The pilot warned us of the anticipated turbulence before we left the ground and Kesh started to feel nervous. Mid ascent, she told me to hold her hand and asked me to talk to her about anything.

I asked her what she thought our regular hang out would be if we moved to New York. She told me it would be Eataly and within seconds, we were talking about the Prime Rib Roll that changed my life and hers.

Kesh's anxiety left and she reminded herself that we've taken somewhere in the vicinity of 60 flights together.

While I type, we're flying over Denmark, out of Oslo and into Paris. I'm sitting in the row in front of Kesh and Roo and their heads keep popping over the head rests, filled with smiles. And we're talking about moving to New York. It's the city I can't get out of my mind.

We're considering entering the lottery for a Visa, so I can work in the States for a little while. Maybe six months, maybe a year, maybe more. And maybe not at all. But maybe. For me, life is possibility.

Oslo was beautiful. We caught trains and buses and walked a whole bunch. I'm kinda bummed we didn't get out of the city and north to the crazy fjords that I dreamt of but I've vowed to come back and do Norway properly. I've also been shooting film, which won't be blogged until we get home (so I can get it scanned) so here's what I shot on my digital gear.


In a small apartment in Oslo, we celebrated the first birthday of our little boy.

For the longest time, I was fearful of being a father. With Roo, I have no fear.

I love this boy. And I love his Mum. Life shared with them is the best.