Am I Really a Tourist?

Embracing being a tourist is a tricky thing for me. I have always felt that tourists are dorky middle-aged white folk with their pants a little too high and their sneakers a little too white.

Thailand and it's people are helping me along the way...

Jay (our new Thai friend who also gave us his mobile number in case we have any questions throughout the trip) walked straight up to us on the street while we were doing our best not to look lost and imparted copious amounts of relevant information, hailed a government plated tuk tuk (white plates with black numbers) and sent us on our way, after telling our french moustache clad, Ray Ban wearing driver where we needed to be that day. You can catch a glimpse of our tuk tuk driver further down in the post.

Here is our day's journey...


  1. i dont think i'd ever want to leave!!!

    p.s KESH! I LOVE THAT SKIRT!!!...

    Tessa.. i dont know how to get a little picture so i just selected anonymous haha..