Heart Of The City

Cities aren't my favourite thing. Bangkok is changing this.

I've heard people say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Well, I haven't been there but I would say the same thing about Bangkok. It's like the place is real. Like it has a heart and it pumps, constantly. The streets are full every night. I can feel it's energy in my veins every time I look out the window, or walk down its streets.

And I like it...

Today, we settled for a change of pace, visiting the National Museum (unfortunately no photos allowed) and Grand Palace both of which are amazing. (We also managed to find the only expensive thing to do in this city is to get your laundry done, after running out of clothes).

The shot below is maybe my favourite shot of Kesh that I've snapped...

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  1. Thanks to slow internet, Im only now just catching up on your adventures. WOW! You guys are having a blast and Tim, your photo's are AMAZING! P.S you have a hottie wife... :)