Thailand Begins

The thought of sitting in one place for longer than 20 seconds makes me feel like I'm literally going to explode. Family members will argue that it's related to a case of undiagnosed ADHD. 8.5 hours on a plane was no exception. It's bizarre that the plane ride turned out golden for me. I discovered I'm a sucker for free movies and chips (seriously, you can eat as many packets of chips as you like - for free).

We've already experienced a monsoon and the cab ride of death but as I type this, Kesh is sitting pretty in white linen with the beach a hop, skip and a jump down the way.

And don't let Kesh tell you differently - I schooled her in multiplayer Battleship.

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  1. nice bro. looking forward to some more good shots. let me know if you want to go diving, and il hook you up. peace brandon