Kesh Meets a Monk

Oh yes. It’s raining in Thailand.

Kesh and I resolved not to let a few thunder snaps/sporadic monsoonal rains imprison us on our first day. Booked ourselves on a three hour ATV tour of Phang Nga (up on the mainland). Crazy jungle, rubber tree and palm oil plantations, super friendly locals, waterfall swimming, Monk meetings and eight hours later we slid out of the car into our hotel room.

We emerged a little less muddy for dinner. Let’s just say we won’t be eating in Kata again, or Patong, or anywhere heavily populated by white people. I’m not racist towards my own colour but seriously, white people in the house equals bad food. I’ll be following the Thai to their own feeding places tonight…

About two hours into the Jungle we came to a temple where this Monk was. This is as close as Kesh was allowed...

Outside our room

Saw this guy standing on power lines in thongs. No safety harness...

First stop on the quad bikes

Apparently you have to ride quads in Crocs. I'm not joking...

That face is mean...

Rubber tree plantation

Cut the tree and it pretty much bleeds rubber into a coconut cup

Kesh likes finger bananas

Very much

Even more than first thought


  1. Cute - loved the waterfall and the pics of Kesh on the quad!!

  2. I love those crocs. How awesome are the Quads. What an amazing day in the life of Tim and Kesh, thanks for sharing. miss you guys.

  3. Was that quad biking as good as last time??

  4. hey doggy. not quite as good as last time but it was still awesome. just didn't get to go as fast as we did last time but it was just kesh and i. there was no one else in the group.