Family. It's not an overly long word but it has huge meaning.

Today, I took a road trip with my wife and in-laws. We drove to Gerroa, the quietest of towns and home to only 500 people. A paradisical place, nestled amongst green hills and blue oceans. It's where Kesh's Nan and Pa live. It's the place we got engaged, purely because I knew it meant so much to Kesh. I took her out on to the beach in front of Nan and Pa's to ask her to marry me.

Pa has Alzheimer's, which is not a simple thing. From what the whole family said today and what I already know, Pa was and is a great man. Someone who worked hard for his family and undoubtedly loves them all. Someone I can learn a great deal from and who I look forward to spending more time with.


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