I never met Gene. I don’t know everything about him. The one thing that I know for sure about Gene is this: He is loved.

Today is his birthday. 

Amor suggested some family photos for the special day. After our photos at Cherrybrook Bowl, Kesh and I headed back to the Bush’s for dinner. I sat there and held back tears while the family sat down together and sang ‘Families Can Be Together Forever’.

Big Tony and Amor thanked me for being there. I’m more grateful to them for being around a family that undoubtedly has love, for one another.

Here are 28 of the 580 photos we took. I’ll post more tomorrow.


  1. brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful way to celebrate a gorgeous young life who left so soon. What a lovely family ;-)

  2. shot tim,
    your the man

    whats that fulla in the yellow shirts name

  3. love the hand on the fence shot. these are brilliant