Aunty and Uncle

Kesh and I have no children. We do have twenty little ones who call us Aunty and Uncle though…

This weekend we have just three of the twenty to hang out with at Werri Beach.

Justin and Kylie (my brother and his wife) have some business to attend to and have left three of their five girls with us.

For the moment, it’s dandy. Being the Aunty and Uncle is actually very cool. Being Mum and Dad when five girls in a row hit their teens…well, I’ll leave that to the experts.

Here’s what I got up to with three little ladies and one lady a little older…


  1. cool coincidence, I just posted a daniel lee kendall clip of mine..
    Tim you're so good!

  2. Best vid you've done yet!

    Almost good enough to make us want those beautiful girls back! :)