Bombo Headland

Yesterday, I caught the train. Trains are something I’ve become very familiar with. For more than a few years, I’d fold into a CityRail carriage, for four (4) hours a day. I did this literally thousands of times.

I commuted the same hours of a part time job, twenty a week.

Now, we live so far from a major city that when I got on the train at Gerringong yesterday, it was running on diesel…

Kesh and I rushed out of our blue house and pulled in at the station to find an empty car park, no line for a ticket and just a couple of humans who were seated, relaxed and looking out over the adjacent farm. ‘Moo’ was about the only thing I heard.

Within five minutes of being on the train, I’d spotted this little spot, Bombo Headland, complete with Fiji inspired cove. I made Kesh get up with me at sunrise this morning to check it on, minus CityRail.


If you've got this far down, you must be a hardcore fan. I edited these photos a little differently. Going more for a lomo style. Feelin' it...