Loves Bay to Werri Lagoon

Bush walking is something that old people and boy scouts do, generally speaking. Seeing as Kesh and I are neither old, nor boy scouts, I’m going to call our afternoon’s activities ‘creation appreciating’.

Today, Greg (one of our neighbours) asked Kesh if she’d ‘been on the North side of the lagoon’.

It has been on our list of things to do for a long time. The weather cleared so we grabbed Troop and headed out. 

Honestly, if you ever come down the South Coast, this is something you must do. The walk stretches the coastline between Werri and Kiama and is the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen. Period.

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  1. Just found you via Jodi (che and fidel) Love your work!!!
    I miss this coastline so much, I grew up down here but sadly never did this walk. What a bummer. It will surely be on the to do list next time we make it south!