My Wife

This is Kesh. She is my wife.

I remember when we were just married how strange it felt to say 'this is my wife'.

Today was like most others, here at Werri. I woke up first, we put Troop in the car, walked along the beach with sand in our toes and steered our footsteps into the ocean. Kesh complained about how cold it was but that was normal too.

Only today, it really was cold and Kesh headed back in quick smart.

Werri is a rough beach, full of rips and not the friendliest of swell patterns...but that's the way we like it. Means the beach is always quiet and most tourists steer clear. This morning Kesh got caught off guard and was smacked by a fierce shore break.

I heard a scream, saw a flailing body and made my way in as fast as I could. Little Keshy was flung across the beach, full of sand, water and tears. I was scared that she was hurt. Thankfully, Kesh's initial thoughts of a dislocated knee were dried up, as well as her tears.

We made our way back home, a little slower than normal and I  got to thinking about how important the people we love are. And that's very important...