Microwave Jenny

I believe that everyone has a talent.

Tessa and Brendon have been blessed with obscene amounts in the musical realms.

They started up a group called Microwave Jenny a few years back and have played Woodford, Peats Ridge and a million other gigs.

There’s something common amongst all of us who know them and who get to see their gigs: we recognise their talent and can’t wait for them to be super huge. So big that everyone gets to hear them.

We got together on the weekend and made a little video for something Tessa calls ‘just a fun track’. I know you’ve heard it but not like this…

It was 44 degrees so we did everything as fast as possible but we hope you like it. I took a few photos of these guys as well. Couldn't help myself - they are just that good looking.


  1. Fantastic Tim. I loved the video and the song is amazing!! Such great words and a beautiful voice.

  2. Nice share of these nice pics. thanks.