Fruit and Veg

Yep, I'm that weirdo taking photos in the fruit and veg store.

Last weekend, we hung out with a couple of food heads. Ben and Char specialise in things containing sugar. These guys have sweetness dripping off their fingertips and it shows in their deserts.

Kesh doesn’t really have a specialty. Food is her thing. All of it. And me? I’m awesome at eating.

In Fairy Meadow (shout outs to Rose and Bren) there is probably the most mental grocer I’ve ever been to. You want potatoes? How about seven different breeds? (I settled for washed chat spuds at 60c/kilo). If you want escargot, German sausage, lamb necks and (literally) everything in between, Leisure Coast Fruit and Veg is the spot.


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