The Mental Psychologist

I run along our beach on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Kesh hates running and finds it bizarre that I relish the soft sand, burning lungs, jelly legs and especially the wind pushing against me.

Last week, Kesh asked where it comes from – this gene that allows me to enjoy physical pain through exercise. It’s a family thing.

Justin, my brother, is mental. Weird, cos he’s a psychologist. He should know better. Like I just said, I enjoy the odd burning lung in the name of fitness. Justin, he relishes pain in the levels of extreme.

I remember, on more than one occasion, Justin showing up at Mum and Dad’s (on the Central Coast) without his family. That’s because he rode his bike…from Wollongong. He normally looks unwell, very faint, red (or white), lathered in sweat with huge pupils. And he gets off on it. I enjoy fitness but Justin enjoys torture.

What a weirdo. 

I took these photos on a night where there were floods all over Wollongong. Justin, not to miss a ride, set up shop in his garage...on a set of rollers.


  1. Yeah but look at that thigh muscle - the nutso factor pays off. Love the laptop inspiration and his dedication (from a fellow psych ...albeit a much lazier one these days)

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