Golf on the Sabbath

Today we:

- Walked the dogs (or let the dogs walk themselves - another blog post)
- Went to church with Mum Vinson, Nan Carden and Caleb
- Came home ravenous and ate potato salad, Migoreng, leftover pizza, chocolate caramel slice, Pods and easter eggs for 'lunch'
- Went to visit Pa Vinson in his nursing home and caught up with all the Vinson girls
- Waved off Mum, Nan and Caleb
- Slept (not long enough for Keshy)
- Took photos at the golf course (I'd been eyeing it off for months. Seriously, the most beautiful location for a golf course, ever)
- Returned our DVD's (The Sorcerer's Apprentice and something else about a white lion)
- Wrote a new list of goals on our chalkboard wall
- Cooked spare ribs on our new barbecue
- Hung out with the dogs
- Did this blog post

That's my kinda Sunday.


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